Three nuns are on their way up to heaven after having been involved in a terrible minibus crash on the Italian Alps that killed them and the driver (he went the other direction!)
As they’re approaching the Pearly Gates to be interview by St. Peter, they are requested by an attendant to form a single line and wait. Sister Agnes is first, Sister Bernadette behind her and Sister Carmel on the end.
Finally, St. Peter approaches the nuns to determine their worthiness for entry to Heaven.
He says to the first nun : “Sister Agnes, have you ever seen the реnis of a man”?
Sister Agnes bursts into tears and says : Yes, St. Peter, I have, but please don’t let this prevent me from entering the Kingdom of Heaven".
St. Peter says : “Never fear, my child. Say a thousand Hail Marys and then go over to that font of Holy Water and wash your eyes out, then you shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.
Sister Carmel sees what’s going on and taps Sister Bernadette on the shoulder, somewhat urgently.
“Pssst - hey Bernie”!, she says.
Sister Bernadette asks : “What is it?” A little annoyed.
Sister Carmel says : “Do you mind if we swap places”?
Sister Bernadette replies : “What for”?
Sister Carmel says : “Well, I wouldn’t mind gargling before you stick your аss in there”!