A guy walks into a bar with a four-foot crocodile on a leash, following him like a dog.
The barman says gruffly: "No pets allowed here!"
The guy says, "But this is a trained crocodile. See what it can do!"
He sets the crocodile on a table and hits it on both ears.
The crocodile opens its jaws wide.
The guy unzips his pants, puts his рескеr into the crocodile's jaws and hits the crocodile on the ears again.
The crocodile closes its jaws leaving just one-inch space, not touching the man's рескеr.
Everybody in the bar is very impressed.
To build upon it, the guy declares: "I give a hundred dollars to anyone who does it!"
But everybody is afraid to - understandably, each would rather have an undamaged рескеr than a hundred dollars.
Finally, a man wearing a pink suit, with an earring in one ear, says in an effeminate voice:
"I think I can do it!"
Everybody admires him, "What a brave man you are!"
The man continues, to the guy: "Just don't hit me so hard on the ears!"
на арене цирка выступает дрессировщик львов. со словами алле-гопп Дресьор на лъвове показва номер: A guy walks into a bar with an alligator. It's about 10 feet long. В цирке. Выступает дрессировщик аллигаторов. Хищник открывает пасть Выступает мужик с крокодилом. Открывает крокодилу рот An Australian guy walks into a bar with a crocodile under his arm. He asks the bartender if he will give him free drinks if he shows he can put his penis inside the crocs mouth for 15 seconds without it getting bit off. Un jour dans un cirque le dompteur de lion fait une démonstration à un groupe. Le dompteur descend son pantalon mais son sexe dans la bouche du lion A man limps into a bar with a cane and alligator. The bartender stops him and says "Hold on a second here - you can't bring that animal in here O atlético domador apresentava seu mais novo número com os leões. O domador punha os órgãos sexuais dele na boca do leão enquanto lhe aplicava fortes chicotadas. Grande sucesso. Todo mundo aplaudiu. Terminado o número En man uppträdde på cirkus med en levande krokodil. Avslutningen av numret var en riktig rysare. Mannen drog ner gylfen och tog fram sin stolthet och placerade den mitt i gapet på krokodilen. Så stängde han krokodilens käft och stod alldeles stilla Facet w cyrku wychodzi na arenę z krokodylem. Staje na środku i kopie krokodyla w dupę. Krokodyl rozdziawił paszczę Er komt een man met een krokodil het cafe binnen en bestelt een biertje. De barkeeper ziet de krokodil en zegt: "Weg met dat beest