A professor travels to Africa to live with a primitive tribe and spends years with them, teaching them all about the wonders of science and mathematics.
He makes friends with the tribe's chief and his wife and they all live happily for some time.
One day the chief's wife gives birth to a white child.
The word spreads and the entire tribe is in shock.
The chief pulls the professor aside and says, "Look, you are the only white man we've ever seen around here, and my wife gave birth to a white child.
It doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened!"
The professor replied, "No, chief, you're mistaken.
What we have here is a natural occurrence what we in the civilized world call an albino!
Look at that field over there.
All the sheep are white except for one black one.
Nature does this on occasion."
The chief was silent for a moment, then said, "Tell you what.
You don't say anything more about that sheep and I won't say anything more about the white kid."
На вожда на африканско племе му се ражда бяло дете. Вика той белия мисионер и му вика: На африканскиот главатар му се родило бело дете White priest goes and lives with an African tribe. He spends his days teaching the way of the lord. After several years A missionary gets sent into deepest darkest Africa and goes to live with a tribe there. He spends years with the people Out in the middle of darkest Africa there was a White Missionary living with a tribe of black natives. One day the big chief comes along and calls the Missionary into his hut Un misionero español viaja a una tribu del Congo In einem Dorf im TIEFEN Afrika lebt als einziger weißer ein Missionar. Eines Tages kommt ein Eingeborener zu ihm und fragt: Der Häuptling in einem afrikanischen Dorf ist entsetzt. Seine Frau hat gerade ein weißes Kind zur Welt gebracht. Sofort ruft er den einzigen Weißen Dans le village centre-africain naît un bébé blanc. Le papa vexé se pose des questions et trouve une réponse alors il va voir le missionnaire Cela se passe en Afrique. Dans ce village Ca se passe en Afrique noire Um padre tinha ido evangelizar na África Negra Nasce uma criança branca numa aldeia da África. O chefe da tribo manda chamar o missionário que era o único homem branco por ali: — Calma chefe Een arts van artsen zonder grenzen wordt naar donker Afrika gestuurd om iets aan geboortebeperking te doen. Daar aangekomen blijkt er één opperhoofd te zijn en de rest alleen maar vrouwen. "Kijk" Gaat een zendeling zieltjes winnen bij een afgelegen stam in Congo . Eerste kennismaking gaat een beetje stroef maar na een paar maanden is hij behoorlijk geaccepteerd en is de stam al aardig... En svenske var hjelpearbeider i et sted i Afrika. En dag kom stammehøvdingen til ham og sa at en kvinne i landsbyen hadde født ett hvitt barn og han spurte om svensken hadde en forklaring på det. -... Vienas misionierius vienai Afrikos tautelei skelbė krikščioniškas idėjas. Skelbė jis metus